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Ken Eckley, Webmaster       WBCCI #220        E-mail to Webmaster CLICK HERE

new2b.gif - 8866 Bytes   I highly recomend that all members of WBCCI read the article by International First Vice President Ewart Phillips that is on page 12 of the November Blue Beret. It is very informative and will answer your questions about where the International rallies are held and why.

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Trisha Gorman, daughter of MBCU members Joe _ Shirley Gorman sent this picture to me with this information

"I thought you might enjoy the attached picture, taken in Tokyo by a friend of mine. It was taken on a rooftop in the Shinjuku district, looking across to other rooftops -- where a Bambi is being used as a kind of penthouse."

Photo credited to Tom De Fanti

Ted Tunstall, President

Rick Sharp, 1st VP
Warren Weinstock, 2nd VP

RICK SHARP says:  

    "I would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  Margaret and I are looking forward to the Hobo Rally in February and seeing you all there. Bob Vasser has a lot of new activities scheduled so we will have a good time, for sure. Bring your camera for the photo scavenger hunt and a kite to fly if you have one. The entertainment should be good, Dave and Keith are coming back to play for us and they have a new lady singer with them."


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Hobo Stew
(after it is taken out of stew can)

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 The National Hobo Rally will be held in Blythe, California from February 5th through February 11, 2001

They would like to increase participation in the Hobo Band. If you are a musician, your talents will be appreciated and you will have lots of fun! A high school level of musical proficiency is recommended.
Contact R.B. Bernd at his e-mail address: RNZBERND@aol.com)


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